Lessons and Masterclasses

Private Lessons

COVID 19 Update:

Due to the social distance restrictions in place due to the Covid 19 epidemic, I am now offering Skype lessons at a reduced rate.

Skype Lesson Pricing:

Half Hour Lesson: $25

Forty-Five Minute Lesson: $30

One Hour Lesson: $40

If you are interested in Skype lessons, please leave me a message through this website and I will contact you to set up a time!



In Person Lessons: (Not currently available)

Students receive one-on-one instruction and will get weekly assignments including exercises, etudes, and solo repertoire.  Attention and guided practice on school ensemble repertoire is encouraged!

Lessons will mostly take place at my private teaching studio in Toledo, but I can drive out to the student’s home or school for weekly lessons for a small additional fee.  The fee will vary depending on the distance I have to travel.

Lesson Rates:

Half Hour Lesson: $35

Forty-Five Minute Lesson: $45

One Hour Lesson: $55

One and a Half Hour Lesson: $75


Group Sectionals/Coaching

I will work with groups of students (ie. brass quintets, band/orchestra trumpet sections, brass ensembles, etc.) doing group warm-ups, drills, and rehearsal of repertiore.

Group Rates:

One Hour: $60

Two Hours: $100



Students will perform a small piece individually with or without accompaniment and I will give individual coaching on their performance.  At the end I will perform a short piece followed by a Q&A session.

Masterclass Rates:

One Hour ~ 4-6 Students + 5-10 Minute Performance: $80

Two Hours ~ 6-10 Students + 10-15 Minute Performance: $130







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