Solfege and Theory

As an undergraduate, I was a private student of Larwence Scripp, Professor of Music Theory and Ear Training at the New England Conservatory.  I became his teaching assistant while attending NEC and shortly after that, joined the teaching faculty for the NEC School of Continuing Education.  I taught there for three years from 2015-2017.  I am available for teaching private solfege and theory lessons as well as tutoring.

Lesson Rates: (Same as Trumpet)

Half Hour Lesson: $30

One Hour Lesson: $50

One and a Half Hour Lesson: $70


Though I combine many aspects of ear training and solfege in my trumpet lessons, I encourage all of my trumpet students to study ear training and solfege separately along with their regular lessons.  One of the biggest challenges of brass playing is the ability to hear and understand the music before one tries to play.  I believe that hearing the pitches and rhythms accurately in the music will greatly accelerate the improvement made on the trumpet.  If a student decided to study ear training conjunctly with trumpet, a special reduced rate will be given for solfege lessons.  For more information about this, please contact me.



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